by Vitaform

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This EP was recorded over several weekends in July of 2014.


released November 18, 2014

All of the music on this EP was written and performed by Vitaform. Guest vocals on the track "Era" were done by Jeffrey Wang of Bad Times Crew. This EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Ryan "Rings" Ellery at the Panda Studios.



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Vitaform Martinez, California

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Track Name: Cages
Everyone seems to do it better than me
Life for me doesn't come naturally
I purposely fail so I don't have to try
When the going gets tough I say goodbye
Your make the hairs on my neck stand tall
Thought you were gone but you watched me fall

I'm not one to believe in things I cannot see
I dream of angels but live with demons
Don't ask me why, I've got my reasons
This is how things are and this is how they're going to stay
You say you don't want to know, well I'm going to tell you anyway

I look at the man staring right back at me
Gaze into the eyes and still I see nothing
Good days or bad, the luck always changes
Like it or not they're going to rattle your cages
Track Name: Tomb
Every life comes with a death sentence
You talk about spirits but I feel no presence
You'll learn someday but not for a while
I've got doubts, you've got denial

I had to learn that people will fail
Death to trust, my patience is frail
So many paths, I just can't choose
Hopeful ambitions, hard to prove

What happened to me, it left its mark
Treading water, circled by sharks
Blood surrounds me, afraid of the dark
This time the bite hurt less than the bark

The path to paradise begins in hell
Darkness consumes me but you'd never tell
Time was never a friend
Seal the tomb and greet the end

Every life comes with a death sentence
You talk about spirits but I feel no presence
You'll learn someday, but just not yet
People like you deserve what they get
Track Name: Alone
The ways of the world are changing fast
Each generation is worse than the last
They say we're connected now more than ever
But all I feel is alone together

Everyday its the same routine
Stuck in a trance a cog in a machine
I am guilty just like everyone else
We can't run from ourselves


Seeing only what you're shown
In this glass house stones are thrown
Pull the plug from your mind
Tug at the thread and let it unwind
Track Name: Virus
A daily habit for my generation
Ignorance over education
Apathy by the entire nation

Clouded minds
Our demise

No ones looking forward
There's no use looking back
Our planets doomed
Too far gone to be exhumed

Clouded thoughts
Praise the cross
All hope is lost

The greater meaning of life
Devour all things, leave nothing behind
The face of death laughs at mankind

A living virus
The Earth its host
Soon we'll be nothing
That time is close
Clouds of darkness stir up above
The hands of doom slowly reach for our throats
Track Name: Rope
I don't know how you did it
Cause I never asked
What matters is that you did
And you acted so fast

We were left in a scramble
It was almost too much to handle
I'm embarrassed to say we were close
What were you thinking when you set up the rope?

All the times I tried to love you
I was nothing but a naive fool
As you decay your sons raise themselves
Your selfishness has put them through hell

How dare you die by your own hand?
How will your sons learn to be men?
Freed yourself from the pain with a noose
Laugh in the flames of the pictures of you

With mortality comes nothing but uncertainty
You won't get the chance to see how things could be

Nothing will change when I'm gone
The world just keeps moving on
Sometimes its hard to keep my composure
With the scythe always swinging closer
Track Name: Era
At the end of each night
When you're sleeping real tight
Take ahold of whatever you can
The towers of this town see everything

No one escapes from this place
Sirens go off as we lay in waste
Billows of smoke surround me like fog
Secrets around here aren't kept long

The air is thick in the early morning mist
Everything is dead
The town won't wake till the sun escapes
Its coffin made of lead

Marching alone as the fog-horns go off
The whole town sleeps at 6 o'clock
Every house is burnt to the ground
Dealers feed the addicts when the sun goes down

Quick to pull the trigger
Quick to twist the knife
Honor does not exist in this fucking life

Desperate to die but don't ask me why
Remember me for only the good times
Don't judge me I can't look in the mirror
I realize I'm from the wrong era